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Choosing a new bike or want to upgrade the you already have? Maybe you’re a newbie who doesn’t know a thing about bicycles. We’ve got your back!

We are cyclists just like you. This is why we understand how important is honest, unbiased and helpful information. Don’t want to spend 6 hours figuring out what are the best bike tyres (that’s what I did recently)? You’re in good hands.

What Type Of Bike Do You Need?

Our detailed guides will help you find the right fit for your goals and budget. You plan to ride within city limits on paved roads? Why spend extra on expensive mountain bikes components, that you will never use? This is just one example of rookie mistakes you can avoid.

Maybe you have decided already on the bike type you want, in this case head over to the road bikes section or is it a hybrid bike (or maybe even a mountain bike) that you need? Feel that that steep hill is not right for you? In that case an electric bike (or e-bike) is what you need.

Bikes are not the only products we review and help you choose. We also have detailed guide on how to choose a bike lock and secure your bike properly.

Choosing The Best Bike

With so many brands available, we understand how overwhelming and confusing the research process can be. Modern bikes are complex pieces of technology with tens of components. You will still need to learn some basics first. Thus, going to the nearest shop and picking the first one you see is probably not the best choice.

That is why we are running Ride The City. Our in-depth reviews of best bicycles and gear, apps and services for cyclists will help you make an educated choice without spending lots of time yourself.

Cycling all year-round?

Yes, you’ve got it right. Today’s spinning bikes can offer you an amazing workout without living your basement or garage, regardless of weather.

You may also want to check our detailed reviews of recumbent bikes for a less challenging but still effective indoor cycling experience.

Bikes for Kids?

Lots of people overlook it and just go to the closest supermarket to buy a bicycle for their child. That’s not our approach. A bike like that will have a zero resale value and will not be even close to what you can buy online for same, or just bit more. Is your kid too small to ride a bike? We have reviewed some of the best bike trailers for kids recently.

Maybe you have another kid and don’t want to sell? Even better, a better bike will still be like new and good to go after basic maintenance, while a supermarket bike can ride only to a landfill.