Best Electric Bike Brands


AddMotoR is a unique creator of e-bike which focuses on unique utility and cruiser type rides. Designed for commuting, cruising, cargo hauling and functionality, you’re able to take these rides on all sorts of terrain and enjoy heightened abilities of practicality.

Fairly priced and unique in their designs, they’re a good brand to look towards if you want something that can make the trek over tree roots and rough roads while carrying a load of groceries or building materials.


Prioritizing aesthetics and urban functionality, Aventon e-bikes were created for comfortable city cruising for those who want a touch of tasteful styling. These bikes are excellent for zipping around campus, making trips to the store or boardwalk, and anything else in between.

Reasonably priced and even offering some folding bike options for those with storage in mind, the Aventon bikes are adept at navigating urban landscapes with some reasonably powerful motors and modern design philosophies.


Backcountry and mountain landscapes in mind, the Bakcou e-bikes are impressive and hardy. Tailored towards those who need a rugged ride to take them through game trails and rough single-track, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better equipped for the job.

For hunters, guides, and wilderness lovers, the Bakcou bikes are excellent as you can find full suspension or hardtail bikes with plentiful places to mount cargo and haul your gear with. With durability and longevity in mind, you get what you pay for and more.


Pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, BESV bikes are as unique as can be. Incorporating high-performance components alongside space-age design, these e-bikes make others look primitive in comparison.

Seemingly decades ahead of the competition in terms of aesthetics, a BESV e-bike is well suited to the futurist and tech savvy that enjoys the cutting edge of engineering. While expensive, you’ll find that there are really no others like them.

Big Cat

A step towards comfort and practicality being perfected, Big Cat e-bikes are an excellent one to look at if you’re looking for a fully capable and high-quality ride. Binding great value to a high-quality ride, Big Cat doesn’t push the envelope as much as they perfect existing designs.

Versatile in their offerings, you’ll find beach cruisers, folding bikes, mountain and fat bikes – all well-crafted and representing excellent bang for buck. Durable, functional, and a grassroots upbringing, you couldn’t go wrong with a Big Cat bike.


Adventures, expeditions, and excursions in mind, the Biktrix bikes are a premium set of robust and fully capable rides geared for rough terrain and long distances. Created for the utilitarian who enjoys carving up pavement roads and dirt paths, you’ll find the Biktrix e-bikes are exceptional at handling whatever is thrown at them.

Posting a reasonable price alongside a high-quality build, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more capable and hardy ride around. If you’re an adventurer who wants to enjoy a variety of biomes, then their lineup is exactly what you’ll want to look at.


Straight outta Brompton and right into the back of your trunk, their entire lineup is dedicated towards folding e-bikes. Easily stowing away into overhead cargo bins and the backseat of a sedan, they’re versatile as ever and surprisingly quick.

Comfortable and fully functional, the Brompton e-bikes bring impressive speeds to the table and can allow you to zip past spandex-laden road cyclists and then bring onto the train in a moment’s notice. Quality engineering and a nice track record, they’re among the best folding e-bikes around.


With something out there for everyone, e-Joe e-bikes are versatile and attractive rides geared for a variety of situations. Whether you’re looking for a folding e-bike or capable sport bike, the lineup is well worth looking into if budget is in mind without sacrificing on the important aspects.

Primarily built towards urban landscapes of paths and pavement roads, they’re a nice choice for comfortable commuting and spirited riding. Affordable yet definitely capable, they bring value and quality to the table in ways other manufacturers don’t.


Value oriented city cruisers with a unique flair, the Ecotric bikes are an especially affordable way to enter the e-bike world. With similar performance and features found on more expensive e-bikes, Ecotric shows us that you don’t need to pull out a mortgage to enjoy a glimpse into the future.

Specializing in city and folding bikes, they make for solid cruisers and commuters with impressive potential. Something out there for everything, their lineup is wide and quite well-built.


Function, form, and fun, the Emojo lineup of e-bikes are wide and excellent for those on a budget. Offering a set of e-trikes alongside city cruisers and adventure machines, they’re excellent to look into for urban adventuring.

Outfitted with racks, cages, and fenders, many of the Emojo bikes are well-equipped and able to accompany you on outings to the beach, market, or hardware store in a pinch. Comfortable and capable, they’re excellent all-rounders and can handle a wide variety of tasks.


Unassuming yet exceeding of most expectations, the Enzo folding e-bikes are thoughtfully made and robust. With simple storage and practicality in mind, they make for an impressive ride even if they appear less than capable. A perfect city crawler, they carry all the comforts needed for casual and happy commuting.

Outfitted from the get go with fenders, racks, lights, and power outputs among a standard digital display, you gain many well-deserved practicalities in a small and compact package. A carefully thought out and well created design, it’s worth looking at an Enzo e-bike if you desire practicality and versatility.

iGO Electric

High-quality and impressive in every right, iGo e-bikes are suited well towards the business professional or those with performance in mind. Tastefully styled and bringing all the modern conveniences to the table, they fuse slick design with performance at a fair price point.

Offering an array of city cruisers, road bikes, and those that fit right in between, you’re guaranteed a well-engineered and high-performance set of e-bikes. Zipping home from the office to extended park cruises, you couldn’t go wrong with one of iGo Electric’s well-made machines.


Tasteful cruisers and commuters, the IZIP electric bikes blend principles from both retro and modern machines to create a well-made and no-frills ride. Well suited towards afternoon strolls to the café or navigating urban obstacles, the bikes feel as young and fun as they look.

Affordable and entirely able of light off-road adventures, they’re a nice choice to add to the shopping list if you’re looking for something stylish and simple without sacrificing on quality or function.


Exceptionally affordable and perfectly functional, Nakto e-bikes are best suited towards quaint city cruising in comfort. Incorporating notes of modern and historic design elements, you’ll find an impressive value alongside a kind aesthetic.

While they’re not quite suited towards heavy use through trails or racing down the highway, those interested in a quiet and simple way to get to the markets and parks would be well served by a Nakto bike.

Rad Power Bikes

Created for the tasks associated with professional adulting, Rad Power Bikes feature handfuls of utility, making them excellent machines for getting stuff done. From picking up kids from practice to transporting small loads of lumber, there are few bikes that match the raw utility these bikes possess.

A strong choice to consider if you’re looking for a bike that can handle a wide array of duties, the focus on comfort is well appreciated as the commute is now something to now look forward to!

Rambo Bikes

A set of hardened adventure machines designed to take you deep into bush country, the Rambo e-bikes are exceptionally tough and able to tackle heavy landscapes without alarming wildlife with gas motors and loud noises.

Capable of carrying plenty of cargo for camping and long-term adventures, Rambo Bikes especially created these machines for deep travel and bulletproof reliability. Definitely worth looking into if you’re searching for a good adventure and off-road bike.

Revi (Civi) Bikes

A funky and flavorful modern approach towards e-bikes, the Revi bikes are especially built for city adventures and functions. Well priced and particularly practical for urban adventures, they’ve brought some solid innovation and refinement to the field.

Formerly known as Civi bikes, they’re well-built and thoughtfully engineered to bring a comfortable and light-spirited ride to market. For a unique city crawler, they’re deserving of consideration.


Adventurous and aesthetically appealing, the Ride1Up e-bikes bring design notes which are futuristic and functional. Styled to stand the test of time, they’re a solid set of rides to hop on for those enamored by the high-tech and minimalist future.

Perfectly adept at navigating rough terrain and city streets, the Ride1Up bikes are certainly capable of adventures and more than your average cruiser. Keep an eye on these if you want something fit for gravel sheets and pavement streets.

Riese & Müller

These bikes openly welcome you to the future with their clever engineering and attention-grabbing minimalist styling. Built for people from business professionals to adventure junkies, they’re a premium set of rides which don’t compromise in any aspect.

Certainly worthy of a pretty penny, you get what you pay for and it’s no secret that they’re some of the more interesting e-bikes around. From the streets of Berlin to the trails of Yosemite, they’re exceptionally versatile and especially attractive. If you’re looking for the cutting edge, Riese & Müller should certainly be among the top of your list.


A set of impressive urban rides, the Tern e-bikes are especially suited towards portability and practicality. Featuring some of the more innovative and effective design from any folding e-bikes around, they’re certainly a unique and high-quality set of rides.

Clever engineering and refinement of folding bikes seen throughout the years, Tern bikes are particularly great at shrinking down into a compact package and then unwinding into a fully capable commuting machine which can carry a surprising load of cargo.


Joyfully affordable and accessible to many, X-Treme bikes are a fine choice to look into for those looking to dip their toes into the water without lightening the wallet too much. Building an array of comfortable city cruisers and bikes which can tackle trails, you get a lot for a little spent.

City streets and light off-road trails are what most of X-Treme e-bikes are suited for and if you want something capable of conquering both landscapes without shelling out too much cash, then it’s worth looking into their lineup.