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Last updated on May 20, 2020

The Best Road Bikes for Women

With so many women road bikes available, choosing the one with the best features and at a reasonable price can be stressful and unnecessarily difficult. Add to that the fact that some companies aren’t truthful about their prices or features for a bike you’re interested in.

Luckily, we’ve checked some great road bikes for ladies that will fit the need for any rider, regardless of budget and skill level. Whether you are a beginner or an avid road cyclist, you can find just what you were looking for in one of the bikes listed below.

  1. Diamondback Arden – overall best women’s road bike
  2. Raleigh Revere – solid option from well-known manufacturer
  3. Giordano Aversa – great budget road bicycle
  4. Pedal Chic Transform – stylish solution with easy shifting
  5. Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 – carbon fork in budget bike
  6. Cannondale Synapse – extensive range of bikes for all skill levels
  7. Giordano Libero Acciao – affordable choice ready for future upgrades 
  8. Focus Mares – ready for bad roads and some gravel
  9. Trek Domane – great choice of bikes for intermediate and advanced riders
  10. Raleigh Amelia – women-specific geometry and high-quality components

Diamondback Arden

If you are looking for one of the best bikes for all of your endurance racing needs, look no further than the Diamondback Arden. With an eye-catching rainforest green aluminum bike frame, this bike accommodates any type of female rider, ranging in sizes from XXS to L.

Along with a great range of sizes, this bike is accompanied by one of the best handlebars and road saddles that gives you the best comfort you might need for a long ride. This bike also comes with a wide range of gear options to find just the perfect pace for you.

As one of the most reasonably priced bikes in the entire range, the Diamondback Arden 2 model (which we recommend) is sure to give you just what you need to roll through any imperfect pavement or groove.

Raleigh Revere

Are you stressed out about finding a great beginner bike? Well, you can sit back and relax as the Raleigh Revere 1 Endurance Road Bike, will best suit any beginner with its exceptionally high level of comfort.

This bike frame, ranging from sizes S to L, is made with lightweight aluminum, making it easy to have control and safety at any kind of speed.

As this bike is designed to ride on paved roads and for an enjoyable and relaxing ride, you are sure to find a great fit with the Raleigh Revere. So with a strong frame, and a great range of gears and sizes, it surely is a great fit for any beginner rider.

Giordano Aversa

The 700c Women’s Giordano Aversa Aluminum Bike is sure to be the perfect bike for any beginner to intermediate female rider, who is looking for a reasonably priced bike that is also high-quality and has great features. This bike has a sleek blue and white frame and is super lightweight.

Besides the sleek looking frame, this bike also has powerful and consistent braking for a perfect and safe stop. It ranges from sizes S to M and can be ridden along a paved or gravel type trail. So, if you are looking at a great bike for a great price, look at the Giordano Aversa.

Pedal Chic Transform

If you are looking for a simple bike to ride around your neighborhood, look towards the Pedal Chic Women’s 700c Allure Fitness Bike. With a distinctive metallic turquoise styled frame, this bike has everything for a pleasant ride with a wide range of speed options.

Along with that, the Pedal Chic bike comes with an easy twist-shifter. So, if you are uncomfortable when changing gears, this bike is perfect for you! The twist-shifter allows you to easily change gears up and down without the need of ever taking your hands off the handlebars. Coming with frame sizes ranging from S to M, this bike will give you a smooth ride wherever you might go.

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600

For decades, Schwinn has been a brand that many know and trust. So of course, the Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 is the perfect option for women looking for a simple road bike to get out of the house. This bike has a traditional frame, so don’t worry about any unusual sizing with the S to M ranges.

One of the best aspects of this model is that it is a beginner bike, but comes with some features that some see on more advanced and expensive counterparts. For example, it comes with a carbon fiber front fork, so it can easily absorb any road bumps or vibrations, creating a more comfortable and predictable ride. So, if you are looking for a bike that can outlast any use scenario you might have, look at the Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600.

Cannondale Synapse

Cannondale Synapse for Women

The Cannondale Synapse range (with alloy frame) features three women models with each of them providing great remarks. It gives the best comfort throughout long rides with its upright riding position.

And if you are scared about feeling uncomfortable with twitchy handling, the Cannondale Synapse will take your worries away, as it gives you just the right amount of control, thanks to lightweight frame and carbon forks across all of its trim levels.

With this bike, you can go almost anywhere, whether you are training in the winter or even trying some gravel tracks, training on fast roads, or rough cycle paths. So, if you are looking for great comfort and the perfect amount of confidence, you will not be let down by the Cannondale Synapse.

Giordano Libero Acciao

There is nothing more enjoyable than a nice relaxing ride during a cool summer evening. And with the Giordano Libero Acciaio, you can get just that. This bike is a lightweight aluminum frame and an affordable bike that comes with a multitude of great features.

Coming in three dimensions; S, M, or L, you can find yourself using it for a simple and enjoyable commute or for exercising. The frame is also solid and durable, so it will last you forever and can take any type of ride you might put it through.

So, if you are looking for a women’s road bicycle that can take just about anything, we would strongly suggest considering Giordano Libero Acciao.

Focus Mares

Focus Mares

Looking for a bike that you can get down and dirty with? The Focus Mares AL 105 bike, popular in cyclocross racing, features a trustworthy lightweight aluminum frame that has an amazing carbon fork to absorb any kind of bump you might encounter.

With clean and accurate shifting, you are surely able to conquer any hill. It also features the best and most powerful stopping power on the market. The Focus Mares also is accompanied by a comfortable and excellent off-road traction that, with the carbon material throughout the bike, can handle any situation with a perfect amount of control you need.

Trek Domane

Trek Domane for Women

The award-winning Domane took the title of the Women’s Road Bike of the Year. Why? Well, this bike is made for almost anything. It is made for long-distance, races taking over multiple days, and has comfort and power woven into its DNA.

The Domane can absorb any road vibrations that come from the saddle, handlebars, or wheels, making any ride feel as though you are riding on paved road, even if you are riding on something that definitely isn’t as smooth.

This bike has more of a relaxed position, one that isn’t too upright or aggressive, so you are able to have a longer ride with the same amount of power and comfort as you started with.

Raleigh Amelia

If you hadn’t known before, Raleigh is one of the most famous companies in the biking industry. Most prefer to buy this brand because of their relatively affordable prices when compared to other well-known companies.

Although this specific bike only comes in sizes ranging from XXS to M, you are sure to find great characteristics in this bike. Just as the name specifies, this bike can be taken on almost all types of roads, whether it be a paved road or even a tough rocky road. And with its lightweight frame and a great range of gears, you can take it anywhere even in the toughest weather conditions.

So, the Raleigh Women’s Adventure Road Bike surely won’t let you down in any condition or any type of ride.