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Last updated on March 20, 2020

The Best Bike Phone Mounts and Holders

From lightweight options to those using the latest and greatest materials, these are the best bike phone mounts for you to check out. We know there is a huge competition between manufacturers, and the products they offer are some of the finest in the world. But how do these great phone mounts benefit you during your next ride? You want to ride with the confidence of knowing your phone is safe, accessible and ready to go when you need it. Check our list and find out how these will ease your mind for yourself.

Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount

The Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount takes all of a rider’s concerns and deals with each, to provide a bike mount with one purpose: peace of mind. Quad Lock uses a patented dual-stake locking mechanism that delivers a secure and easy to manage system for holding your phone in place.

Regardless of the terrain you plan to tackle, you can ride in confidence, knowing your phone is safely held in place. The mount also provides a unique heads-up position to give you a much better viewing angle. Fancy filming some extra footage with a GoPro? An optional adaptor is also available, to ensure you never miss a moment of your journey.

Check it out now and see why so many people have made the Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount their choice of phone holder.

Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro

If there’s one thing we love better than a regular Quad Lock, is its Pro version. It comes armed with a super low profile to ensure it doesn’t impede on your riding in any way, using a rigid anodized aluminum arm for strength and lightweight riding.

What the Pro offers is a secure, peace-of-mind set up that won’t interfere with your riding style. There’s plenty of wear and tear this mount will handle and enough technology to keep your phone held tight during any ride you plan.

While not included, there is an optional camera adaptor available, so you’ll never miss any of the action from your rides, able to capture every moment from the best viewpoint possible. This mount is perfect for anyone looking for a solid mount, with great features.

Roam Universal Phone Mount

While some bike mounts struggle to do what they promise, thankfully the Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount isn’t one of them. This bike mount sets out to fulfill its purpose and that’s exactly what it does. Thanks to its robust design, the mount uses a state-of-the-art silicone sleeve that will never let you down.

While some universal designs tend to feel sluggish, this mount is strong enough to stand up to the toughest rides. There’s a reason the manufacturer backs this mount with a lifetime guarantee, and that is because this mount has been designed with materials strong enough for the harshest conditions.

Opamoo Front Frame Bag

More than just a mount, the Opamoo Front Frame Bag keeps delivering where other mounts quickly fall. It’s more than a simple phone holder, designed to not only keep your phone safe and secure, but also keep the screen accessible throughout your ride.

With a waterproof double-zipper design and a highly-sensitive TPU film, your phone screen will respond to your commands with very little effort. The sun visor is a great addition that improves the viewing of your phone on the brightest of days. The mount is designed to suit most of today’s large screen phones so you’ll know it’s perfect for you.

Topeak Omni Ride Case Dx

When you need something simple and dynamic, the Topeak Omni Ride Case DX is the perfect partner for your bike. Designed for those wanting a reliable phone holder without the bells and whistles, the DX is built tough, suitable for any conditions you throw at it.

Its lightweight, weighing just 26g, and won’t impede your ride. Being a universal set-up, the mount is suitable for a variety of phones, easily inserted and held strong for when the going gets a little tougher. There’s not a lot this phone mount isn’t capable of, so if you’re after a reliable addition to your bike, I recommend this one.

Rokform Pro Series

The Rockform Pro Series is simple, strong and ready to go. There’s very little to it, the design one that creates just enough curiosity for those in the market. Those willing to give the mount a go will love the super-simple design, backed up by materials strong enough to stand up when it counts.

It’s one of the most adaptable mounts we tried, able to be adjusted to almost any angle, perfect for those who need a little adjustment. What is also with the Rokform, is the pleasing look of the mount, its use of lightweight aircraft aluminum adding a kind of touch of class to your bike.

Spigen Gearlock

Few bike mounts ever provide the whole package, but the Spigen Gearlock Out Front Bike Mount comes close. It backs up its deceptively simple appearance with a mounting system that few can compete with. It all starts with an easy one-click locking mechanism, reducing the time needed to ensure a safe and secure hold on your phone.

At the core of this mount is a lightweight fiberglass construction that’s built for toughness. Add to that an adjustable viewing angle, as well as the availability for clipping on an action camera, so you won’t miss a moment of the action. The system is suitable for most phones, including a universal case adaptor, so you can spend less time fitting it and more time doing what you love best.

VUP Silicone Stand

There is simple, and there’s VUP Silicone Phone Stand simple. What’s not to love about a phone bike mount that’s usable in mere seconds, fits most phones with ease and ensure your phone’s safety regardless of the ride you’ve got planned? Its universal fitting system is perfect for any ride you have and using the holder, requires no tools.

The phone holder uses an elastic silicone one-piece design that might look basic but is anything but. The set-up includes a silicone shock-absorbing pad to ensure your phone is safely cradled regardless of the environment. The whole set-up just works, including a 360-degree rotatable design so you’ll never be left blind.

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount

The Taotronics Bike Phone Mount is what I’d call an all in one design. There’s very little else you need when using this mount, making it perfect for those looking for an option that does everything. And not only that, but this mount is right at home on a rugged dirt track as much as on a smooth mountain highway.

The non-slip rubber grip firmly holds your phone securely in place, providing all-over protection from anything you throw at it. There’s a very simple attachment screw, making installation a breeze. While some holders take some effort to release your phone, this Taotronics design is a one-button process, relinquishing its hold in a second.

For those looking for a well designed and well thought out smartphone mount, this is a very good choice, enough protection to keep your device safe while maintaining the looks which add to its overall appeal.

GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Whether you’re riding a bicycle or motorcycle, get ready to experience the GUB Bicycle and Motorcycle Phone Mount. What instantly draws your attention to this mount is its super-strong all-aluminum alloy construction. The mount is super lightweight, yet strong enough to take a true beating.

The design is perfect for those who like to view their phone screen unimpeded, the mount securely holding your phone without the need to cover the screen in any way. There’s also complete 360-degree rotation, giving you the perfect viewing angle no matter your needs.

If quality, strength, durability, and sexiness are at the top of your list, prepare to have them all met, with this beast of a phone mount.

Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

Although not unique in its design, the Mongoora Phone Mount takes things to the next level, thanks to it’s cutting edge improvement with quality materials and the technology to back it up. A universal design doesn’t often act as if it’s specifically designed for your phone, but with this design, Mongoora insure your phone 100% against accidental damage.

While one of the simpler devices to use, thanks to its silicone butterfly bands that securely cradle your phone, there’s one benefit of this mount that wins it for us. While some other designs don’t always make using your phone easy while secured, the Mongoora does. All of your phone’s functions and buttons are easily accessible, regardless of what you need.

The manufacturer is so confident in this product, that they back it with a 100% lifetime guarantee, giving you a complete refund if you’re not completely satisfied. We doubt whether you’ll need it.