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Last updated on March 17, 2020

The Best Tandem Bike Attachments and Trailer Cycles

Designed to carry your most precious cargo, these trailer cycles are the kind of things that you want to be absolutely certain are of good quality before purchasing them. That’s why we’ve listed below some of the best tandem bike attachments of 2020. Models listed below will ensure that whoever may be riding along behind you will be kept safe and will have lots of fun.

Burley Piccolo & Kazoo

Children’s trailer cycles were the first products Burley Design ever sold, and as their Piccolo & Kazoo model makes clear, the subsequent decades of experience haven’t gone to waste.

Designed for children aged 4 to 10 and up to 85lbs in weight, the Piccolo trailer cycle boasts a patented hitch system specifically designed to prevent shimmying, with a double lock for security.

The frame is crafted from lightweight aluminum to ensure that the ride is smooth and durable, even on rougher ground. In other words, it’s designed specifically to ensure that your young passenger’s ride is both smooth and safe, two of the greatest priorities when you’ve got a young cyclist in training.

Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot

Kazam Bikes is a company dedicated specifically to products designed to help young children learn to ride. And it’s models like the Weeride Co-Pilot that make it clear they know precisely what they’re doing.

This one should ideally be ridden by young cyclists between 4 and 9, weighing up to 75lbs. To ensure a comfy ride, both the handlebar and seat are generously padded, and both can be adjusted to accommodate the rapidly growing children.

And when the day’s ride is over, a quick-release detachment system ensures that the trailer can be quickly unhitched, folded up, and packed away. It’s all in all as convenient and comfy as cycle trailers get.

Weehoo iGo Turbo

The Weehoo iGo Turbo is the ideal trailer cycle for ensuring that your kid is kept safe while feeling fully involved in the ride.

See, one of the major draws of Weehoo bikes is that they all include pedals. These pedals don’t have any actual effect on the ride, of course, but they still allow the young rider to get a sense of what the cycling experience is like.

The comfy and sizable seat features a three-point harness to ensure riders’ safety and can be adjusted to accommodate kids anywhere from 2 to 9.

The connection arm, too, is designed to strap the iGo onto a great variety of adult bikes. It’s overall perfect for those long family rides.

Trek MT-201

Trek MT-201

Designed for riders 80lbs and under, the MT-201 from Trek Bikes is ideal for younger kids who are ready for rougher terrain.

With its 20-inch wheels and steel frame, the MT-201 is specifically built to ensure that, even on rougher pathways, the ride for your young passenger is smooth as can be.

The saddle bar can be adjusted to accommodate those rapid growth spurts they tend to undergo at that age; and a visibility flag ensures that other cyclists will be aware of the small but important passenger behind you. It’s all in all ideal for a safe training ride on the longer trails.

Tout Terrain Streamliner

Tout Terrain Streamliner

Just one of the many biking-related products from Tout Terrain, the Streamliner makes it clear that everything they say about the meticulousness of German engineering is true.

Designed for kids aged 4 to 8, the trailer includes a 160mm air shock and adjustable cockpit. Your young cyclist is growing up fast, after all, and these allow you to tweak it to their ever-changing weight and size. High-quality components and a lightweight steel frame, meanwhile, ensure that the ride is comfortable.

Likewise, the alloy crosslink and sealed bearings ensure that, even on the rougher sort of ride, your passenger is always solidly secured behind you. It’s an all-around meticulous piece of crafting, and your aspiring young rider deserves no less.

WeeRide Pro-Pilot

As their name implies, WeeRide is a company that specializes in quality riding equipment for the little ones, and their Pro-Pilot trailer is just one of them.

Boasting a 20-inch wheel and as sturdily constructed as any proper bicycle, the Pro-Pilot also includes a lightweight aluminum frame for easier coasting. Moreover, the ride also includes functional pedals. With these, your young aspiring cyclist can help you along and get a feel for the sensation of pedaling, or just sit back and enjoy the ride.

This, combined with the regular seat, handlebars and chain guard, make the Pro-Pilot perfect for giving kids a safe and fun introduction to cycling.

Weehoo iGo Blast

Kids are simply never too young to be introduced to the thrills of cycling, and the iGo Blast from Weehoo is the ideal ride to do it on.

The iGo Blast is one of Weehoo’s products aimed at the smallest cyclists – ages 1 to 4, ideally. In short, it’s designed to be thrilling for your young passenger, and provide maximum enjoyment on any trail, be it on the sidewalk or winding through the woods.

The ride also boasts a buckled seat strap, padded handles, and comfy footrests. These all combine to ensure that the youngster’s ride is not only comfy but secure. All in all, the iGo Blast is sure to be the ride on which kids form their first fond memories of biking.

Weehoo iGo Two

A product from Weehoo, a company that specializes in children’s bike tandem attachments, the iGo Two is what you go for when you’ve got two aspiring little cyclists in the house.

The iGo Two is Weehoo’s best-selling trailer cycle, and it’s easy to see why – cycling trips are invariably better when the whole family comes. In brief, it’s a cycle trailer with room for two passengers.

The iGo Two includes pedals on the front seat, and a footrest on the back. With these, the front passenger can practice their pedaling and get a feel for the cycling experience, while the back passenger can sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s really the perfect option for forming memories with the kids, and to reinforce a family tradition of cycling.

Adams Trail a Bike Original Folder

Just one of the many child-centric biking products from Adams, the Trail-A-Bike is their contribution to the next generation of cyclists.

This particular model is built for young riders aged 4 to 6. As a result, it’s single-speed, in order to provide a simple and accessible introduction to the cycling experience. Fitting snugly onto any 26-inch or 700c adult bike, the Trail-A-Bike also includes kid-sized handlebars, seat and pedals.

Also included is a safety flag to alert passing cyclists to your most important cargo. All these components ensure that your cycling-champion-to-be can ride safely and comfortably behind you. It’s ideal for giving them a first taste of just how thrilling riding can be.

FollowMe Tandem

Innovative and unusual, the FollowMe Tandem offers a different take on trailer cycles by allowing a regular children’s bike to be fully hooked up to yours. This is literally a tag-a-long, also known as trail-a-bike, attachment.

Sometimes, your kid might be particularly attached to a bike they already have. Or perhaps you want to train them on a particular make or model of bike. In that case, the FollowMe Tandem is perfect for tandem training rides.

Easily stowed on an adult bike, the FollowMe Tandem allows you to hitch it up to any child’s bike with wheels from 12 to 20 inches. It’s ideal for taking out onto more challenging trails and giving your young cyclist a guided ride along it before they try it for themselves.

Trail Gator

An unusual spin on the trailer cycle concept, the Trail-Gator is a bike tow bar that allows a child’s bike and adult’s bike to be attached together.

It’s definitely an unusual notion, but Trail-Gator makes it work. Fitting children’s bikes with anywhere from a 12- to 20-inch wheel size, the Trail-Gator allows kids to train on a ride they’re already familiar and comfortable with. The bar lifts the front wheel of the child’s bike off the ground. In this way, they can sit on it comfortably, getting the feel for the ride while ensuring that the adult is in charge of the steering.

What’s more, due to being easily foldable, the Trail-Gator can be stored on your bike for when the little one wants to steer themselves for a bit.