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Last updated on March 20, 2020

The Best BMX Bikes

Years go by, but for biking enthusiasts, a search for the best BMX bikes out there is an ongoing process. Cycling, and BMX riding in particular, is one of those hobbies where the equipment is consistently being refined and improved upon. And those of us with a real passion for it owe it to ourselves to make sure we’re always using the best gear in the business.

Redline Proline BMX Race Bike

Redline is a solidly established name in the BMX world, and their Proline BMX Race bike makes it pretty clear why. Constructed from Redline’s signature aluminum alloy frame and equipped with 16 x 2.0-inch tires to ensure both grip and speed, this particular model from this celebrated brand is built for young racers seeking some serious speed.

Depending on your selection, this can be a slightly pricier option; but quality needs to be paid for, and by all accounts, this is an investment that’ll pay off, since customers have reported that the bike’s durability makes it rideable for years.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle

Mongoose has more than 40 years in the biking business under its belt, and their Legion Freestyle bike makes it clear that this experience hasn’t gone to waste.

Their Legion series cater to young riders of all shapes and sizes, with models built for riders as short as 3’6’’ to as tall as 5’4’’ – and, of course, given how much kids like to look flashy when riding, they also come in pretty much every color, from grey to pink.

What they all share, however, is a solid build that’s made to ensure safety and durability for the young rider who fancies trying some advanced sorts of tricks.

Razor Nebula

They say that the best way to ensure a lifelong passion for cycling is to get kids on the bike early. Should you happen to be the parent of a young aspiring cyclist who has a mind to get a bit more daring, the Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle bike makes for a solid low-cost option.

With its low seat, it’s ideal for young kids around 6 to 13, and thanks to fully rotatable handlebars and 20-inch wheels with pegs, it’s ideal for the more daring young cyclist to practice some more elaborate BMX stunts.

Of course, like many bikes, this one requires some level of assembly out of the box. But chances are that, if yours is a cycling family, you’ll have at least one person in the house who can handle the more complex bits of the process.

Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720

Tony Hawk might not be as familiar a name to teenagers as it was 20 years ago, but a whirl on the Tony Hawk Park Series 720 bike from Dynacraft might well be the ideal way to introduce a team to this iconic name in X-sports history.

At 24 inches, it’s ideal for kids entering their teens; and with its alloy rear-u brakes, there are no protruding parts to interfere with the rider’s body or the environment, making it that much easier to practice jumps, wallrides, and other tricks that the legendary Hawk himself might pull off.

And to top that all off, with its flashy black-and-green color scheme and Tony Hawk-themed graphics, this ride also has the added bonus of looking slick as can be. And as any teenage cyclist is likely to tell you, a good-looking ride is absolutely essential, but we know it’s far from the truth, right?

Redline Bikes Recon 20

Another bike from the noted folks over at Redline, the Recon 20 is that ideal bike to opt for when the young rider in your family feels comfortable enough on their beginning set of wheels to move on to something a bit more intermediate.

With its Monster-padded saddle, Big Box handlebars and 25-9 micro-gearing, this is the ideal bike for the young biker looking to take their ride out to the skating rink or outdoor trail to try some fancier tricks, while at the same time maintaining their safety.

Like with the other Redline bike, some assembly will be required, so be sure that you’ve got a mechanically savvy individual on hand when you order it. On the other hand, the process of assembly might also be a chance to teach the young rider about bicycle mechanics.

Diamondback Jr Viper 20

One from the celebrated Washington-based Diamondback brand, the Jr Viper 20, as the name implies, is another one for younger riders. Naturally, it comes in the sort of bright and eye-catching color varieties that kids are all about, most notably an especially garish combination of cyan and bright green.

It’s hardly just bright colors, though. This bike, with its firmly built steel frame and fork, is designed to endure all the tumbles and bumps that a new rider is likely to endure.

At the same time, its roughly textured tires ensure grip on even the most yielding surfaces. In other words, it’s the perfect bike to ensure that your young cyclist can attempt some daring new moves while ensuring they’re doing so on a model built with their safety in mind.

Elite The Stealth

Aside from its seriously cool-sounding name, The Stealth bike from Elite is an ideal ride for beginners. No matter whether your aspiring young cyclist is looking to take their wheels out on the road, down to the park, or onto the dirt tracks, the Stealth is specially built to endure all of them.

The 2.5-inch tires ensure both endurance and grip on any sort of riding surface, while the thick foam on the adjustable saddle ensures that the rider will be able to endure any rough bumps that the road should throw at them.

On top of all that, the Stealth is easily assembled, meaning that impatient young riders won’t have to wait long to take their new ride out on the road.

Redline MX BMX Race Bike

If you should happen to be raising a young cyclist with a mind to ride on the racing circuit one day, you really couldn’t start them out on a better bike than the Redline MX. With its aluminum alloy frame, this bike is lightweight, facilitating speed, whilst also being responsive enough to handle the sharper sorts of twists and turns.

Available in Expert, Junior and Mini versions, the MX bikes cater to a variety of sizes and skill levels among young riders – and what’s more, while the Expert model requires assembly, the Junior and Mini models are ready to race as soon as they’re out of the box, which the model’s excited recipients will no doubt be grateful for.

Schwinn Predator Vintage BMX Cruiser

The bike itself may be for riders 8 and up, but the style of the vintage Schwinn Predator BMX Cruiser is going to awaken some serious nostalgia for those with memories of cycling in the 80s.

Schwinn is a company with well over 100 years of history behind it. Now they’re celebrating this lengthy legacy with a model that very much takes after bikes of the 80s in its aesthetic, with its chrome color scheme and hi-tensile steel. Of course, this doesn’t come at the expense of functionality, and the bike also boasts 24-inch wheels ready for any sort of terrain.

And to top it all off, the whole thing comes pre-assembled, meaning this lovingly crafted tribute to the recent past is ready to ride right out of the box.

Kent Pro 20

Built for boys around 10 and up, the Kent Pro 20 is just the bike for young gentlemen looking to take their ride out on the rougher roads. This bike’s 20-inch wheels and alloy seat clamp are all built to ensure that, no matter what sort of terrain your young rider takes it out on or what tricks they attempt, the bike endures them.

After all, there’s nothing worse than an aspiring cyclist’s practice rides being interrupted by avoidable technical problems. Front and rear handbrakes, too, make stopping an easy affair, which, needless to say, is useful during an especially hectic round of training.

And of course, on top of all that, it’s easily assembled right out of the box. It’s all in all just perfect for the young cyclist eager to take to the road.

Redline BMX Rival

Redline is a well-established name in the BMX biking scene by now, and their Rival bikes are another model perfect for young riders who want to try some new tricks.

This 20-inch freestyle bike is built to endure bumps and grinds. The Big Box handlebars allow riders to do some serious front-wheel lifts, which facilitates some really elaborate tricks.

And of course, like so many bikes aimed at younger riders, Rivals come in a variety of bright colors that’ll ensure they stand out against an urban or skate-park backdrop. After all, what’s the use of getting good at bike tricks if you don’t stand out while doing them?

Mongoose Title 24

The Title 24 from Mongoose is a bike for the bigger sort of beginners – riders 5’7’’ and taller, ideally. It makes a great BMX for adults.

This entry into the Title series is built with the sort of high-quality materials and precise measurements that ensure easy and precise steering. And its T1 aluminum frame ensures a light weight that allows for greater air and more elaborate tricks.

Alloy-V brakes and brake levers help with solid speed control and easy stopping, which is more than a little useful during an especially fast-paced round of riding. All in all, it’s the sort of bike that proves that no matter your age or size, it’s never too late to take up biking.