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Last updated on May 6, 2020

The Best Comfort Bikes

Comfort bikes are a unique twist on modern bike design principles and are an excellent option if you’re looking for a capable and relaxed commuter that has the potential for some more serious cycling. If you’re searching for a relaxed grocery-getter that isn’t a slouch when hitting long stretches of pavement, then a good comfort bike might be exactly what you need!
  1. sixthreezero Body Ease – overall best
  2. Raleigh Venture 2 – runner-up
  3. Retrospec Barron – great option with Shimano groupset
  4. Schwinn Suburban – budget comfort bike
  5. Kent Pomona – dual suspension for extra cushioning
  6. Raleigh Detour – series of bikes for any budget
  7. sixthreezero Paven’Trail – great looking bicycle with rear rack
  8. Schwinn Network – budget option for ladies
  9. Pure City Classic Step-Through – get on and off the bike easily

sixthreezero Body Ease

Our best overall pick and a solid all-rounder, the sixthreezero Body Ease is especially designed for optimum comfort without sacrificing performance. Incorporating modern styling cues alongside clever engineering and quality components, it’s a well-priced and a great choice for more than just casual use.

You get 21 speeds (3×7) to play around with as well as suspension both on the front fork and seat itself; it’s an excellent cruiser and commuter which has fine reliability thanks to its set of Shimano components.

The Body Ease comes in both men’s and women’s sizing and each of their options is well designed to accommodate riders of any size. If you’re looking for a comfortable bike which can still zip through the streets at a nice pace, then you’d have a hard time finding a better bike.

RALEIGH Venture 2

An attractive blend of modern and classical design elements, we’re fond of the Raleigh Venture 2 for its particularly clean and clinical aesthetic. Soft front suspension and a cushioned seat alongside wide tires and a well-designed geometry are all factors that become well appreciated while riding.

A 21-speed Shimano drivetrain is a source of reasonable performance and reliability, allowing peace of mind when on the way to work or to the stores. Suspension on the seatpost is a nice trait which helps to absorb bumps and potholes while out riding.

The Venture 2 is a great pick and an attractive choice for those who like to reflect and endorse the ‘business professional’ lifestyle while still having a fully versatile and functional bike.

Retrospec Barron

If you’re more fond of the Amsterdam aesthetic and prefer riding around in something with a lot more flavor, then the Retrospec Barron is right up your alley. The star of the show evidently being the design behind it, we wouldn’t at all underrate its performance or speed by any means.

The 21-speed Shimano Tourney groupset allows for some solid performance, considering the fact that you’re sat atop a ride which appears like a Dutch bike from decades past. Modern mechanics and vintage design is a great thing!

Of course it’ll never win any races, though you’d likely be found coasting down to the park on a sunny afternoon on this bike anyways. The geometry is well-tailored towards optimal comfort and it’s definitely a unique and well-made bike.

Schwinn Suburban

One of the best comfort bikes for those on a budget, the Schwinn Suburban represents a great value while retaining the quality traits found on others. A comfortable saddle, relaxed seating position and soft front suspension make it a pleasant ride and a fine choice overall.

Sticking to steel for the frame build and a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain setup, you’re well-covered on the reliability front and part of what makes this ride what it is – a good budget comfort bike!

We’re also fond of the included front and rear fenders as that’s one less cost in the long run and you’ll stay nice and tidy after riding through wet roads or dirty paths. It’s a good choice for those looking to get a casual yet capable bike without investing more than needed.

Kent Pomona

You’ll have a hard time finding any other comfort bike that has both front and rear suspension, and the Kent Pomona does that at a remarkably low cost. While it’s certainly not close to the quality of the shocks on proper mountain bikes, it’ll serve you better than other comfort bikes if you decide to go off-road.

Attached is a 7 speed drivetrain to the aluminum frame, which is enough for casual rides to the store or the local park but may be lacking when it comes to more intense use.

If you’ll be spending a notable amount of time cycling around, then we’d definitely recommend going for something with better specs, however, if you just need something simple and effective for casual use, then you’ll be fine with something like the Kent Pomona.

Raleigh Detour

The Raleigh Detour set of rides are a solid and well-designed group which finds the need for front suspension to be unnecessary and instead incorporates a better build quality and overall design than most.

The differences between the bikes in the same series are mostly related to the Shimano components and front fork, and each of them come in both the standard and step-through designs. A high-quality frame which is built to stand the test of time is a great place to start from!

Raleigh did a great job at making the Detour series highly comfortable yet capable and quick on pavement. If your commutes and daily rides seem to be longer than others and you prefer a little pace, then we’d definitely recommend keeping an eye on these ones.

sixthreezero Paven'Trail

Aesthetics, comfort, and versatility built into one, the sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail is a wonderful choice for daily driving without compromising on the ability to go for some light trail riding. It’s a well-priced and attractive unit which is a terrific all-rounder for gathering groceries, hitting some light trails, and cruising around in style and comfort.

The 21-speed Shimano Tourney groupset commonly found on other hybrid bikes is easy to maintain and service, helping with reliability further down the road. The 1.75” wide tires roll surprisingly quick on pavement and offer nice grip on surfaces with debris.

The rear rack will come in handy if you’re looking to load up on light cargo and carry things on the way back from the store. A solid choice for sure, the sixthreezero is confidently one of the best comfort bikes around.

Schwinn Network

Remarkably affordable and implementing some tasteful retro design philosophies, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more attractive and inexpensive bike around. Implementing suspension on the front fork and right underneath the saddle, you can expect comfort to be the main focus of the Schwinn Network series of bikes.

A standard 21-gear Shimano drivetrain is attached to each of the various models, and both step-through and standard frame geometries are available on each. Affordable, effective, and attractive!

We wouldn’t quite recommend this one to those who like to push the pedals harder than most, or to those who may take it on tougher terrain, but rather to someone who just needs an affordable and comfortable bike for gentle and casual use.

Pure City Classic Step-Through

If function and form are exactly what you’re looking for, then the Pure City Classic step-through bike is likely one of the best picks for you. A perfect fusion of minimalist and retro design elements, it’s phenomenally attractive and perfectly suited to cobblestone roads and cute villages.

Available in both 3-speed and 8-speed variants with a relaxed frame geometry made of high-quality steel, you can expect a comfortable and simple ride without complex components or unnecessary add-ons.

Fenders on the front and back are especially convenient if you find yourself riding through wet pavement or dirt trails on occasion, and the rear rack is always appreciated if you want to mount a cargo basket or panniers to it. A great overall choice for those with style and quality in mind.