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Bike Crash App

Bike Crash App We've come upon a new app that's likely, unfortunately, to be useful to lots of bicyclists in NYC., the New York Law firm of Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP has just released an application called New York Bike Crash Kit, available for both iPhone (Apple) and Android platforms. In celebration of bike month, May 2012, Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP has tipped us on this unique and useful free smart phone application. (Disclaimer: Flanzig and Flanzig supports Ride the City)

The app is designed to help a cyclist record all necessary and critical data after a crash. In a simple and easy to use platform, the app allows the user to record information such as the name of the driver, owner of the vehicle, license plate number, as well as all of the vehicle’s insurance information. The app also contains simple to use fields to record the names and contact information of witnesses to the crash, the responding officer’s name, department and precinct. The application will automatically geo-tag the accident location, time and date. Pull down screens allow the user to record weather and road conditions that may have contributed to the crash.

To help collect other critical data, the app features a camera function to take photos of the vehicle, bike, or even any street defects, such as a pothole or defective street hardware (metal grate), that may have caused a crash. Also, a voice recorder is available to record witness statements or notes, especially useful if the rider is unable to fully use the app due to an injury. You also get a note pad function to jot down other information as well as a sketch pad to draw vehicle and bike positions. The application can be used by the cyclist or if injured, by a companion or by-stander. After all the information is collected, the data can be e-mailed or even saved to the device to be e-mailed at a later date. Although designed for New York cyclists, the app can be used by riders worldwide. (I've been in at least a couple accidents and this would have been so helpful; I didn't think about half of these questions.)

In addition to the above, what make this application completely unique to any other app that we know about is:

  • An Emergency contact page to record the cyclist's emergency contact information in case of a crash,
  • Information on what to do before a crash,
  • A detailed list on what to do after a crash,
  • Answers to FAQs about bike crashes in New York, written by a New York bike lawyer,
  • A brief description of New York’s Insurance Laws,
  • A list of relevant New York City and New York State bike laws,
  • The app will automatically locate a Nearby Bike Shop for cycle repair,
  • The app will locate a Nearby Hospital,
  • The app will locate a nearby car service or Taxi if the rider cannot ride away from the scene.

Most importantly, this app gives us a tool to help each us to protect ourselves and to promote a culture of collecting good, useful information. In times where New Yorkers and others jurisdictions are seeing a lack of thorough, timely, and competent police investigation following a crash, this app allows cycling communities and riders to collect critical crash data for one another. By having the app downloaded and ready to record all the necessary information for you or your friends, and sharing the data, we can help each other obtain justice when the police fail to perform a proper investigation for cyclists. By self reporting and collecting data on all types of crashes, this app may become a regularly-used tool in gathering crash data for the police, legislators, city planners and others.