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About Ride the City

Welcome to Ride the City, a website that helps you find safer bike routes in cities. Like other mapping applications, Ride the City finds the shortest distance between two points, with a difference. First, Ride the City avoids roads that aren't meant for biking, like highways and busy arterial streets. Second, Ride the City tries to steer cyclists toward routes that maximize the use of bike lanes, bike paths, greenways, and other bike-friendly streets. For an illustrated walkthrough of the site, to explore its capabilities and to answer frequent questions, visit Remember that Ride the City is in its beta testing phase. To help make it better, click the feedback link in the menu bar (on the main page) to send us your route suggestions and comments and it will make the site even better. Contact us at

Who made Ride the City?

Ride the City was launched by Vaidila (Kungys) Satvika (@vaidila) and Jordan Anderson (@jordandrsn), friends who met while enrolled in the urban planning program at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. Ride the City would not have been possible without: Josh Steinbauer, who designed our logo and the site's initial layout; Jack Moore, whose Drupal expertise made possible Ride the City's user profiles and improved our ability to manage content on the site; Ramune Rastonis, who assisted with the site design and researched and compiled bike shop and rental location data; Michael Brady and Steven Falcon, who gave us a ton of GIS support to make good routing in various cities; Kelly Shea and James Spahr, avid bicyclists and graphic designers, who designed icons that are sharp, colorful, and easier to grasp quickly; find Kelly Shea and James Spahr, avid bicyclists and graphic designers, to help us design icons that are sharp, colorful, and easier to grasp quickly Peter Neufeld, Jackson Deane, Joss Schafer (JT), and the other good people at Door3 who developed the Ride the City iPhone app; AnnMarie Anderson, our favorite writer, editor, and marketer; and all of the good people of New York, Chicago, Austin, Louisville and other cities who have provided data and feedback to help us expand the service and improve the quality of the routes.

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