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Ride the City - Denver

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This week we add another city to our growing list of now 45 cities worldwide that provide bike routing. Today we kick off Ride the City - Denver. Just in time for snow, gosh darnit.

Ride the City - Denver maintains the icons on the map to help you find nearby bike resources. Bike shops are the blue icons and bike share stations are the tiny green ones, so you can toggle whichever layer you prefer to see or you can turn them both off.

Ride the City is based on Open Street Map, a wikipedia-like map of the world that gets better and better as more people contribute to the publicly-owned map. If you notice any errors or something that needs to be changes, you can let us know (info at ridethecity dot com) or you can get ambitious and edit Open Street Map yourself. Examples of improvements could include adding a missing street name, changing the direction of a one-way street that's facing the wrong way, or giving a few blocks of a street a bike lane. Here's a short video we put together to demonstrate how Open Street Map works with Ride the City.

Ride the City Denver

By the way, we like to support nonprofit bicycle advocacy groups, so if you have one and you want a free ad space on this website, just let us know and we can add your logo to bring more people to your website so they can learn about your good bicycle work in Denver.