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A-T-L Georgia, what we do for ya

Critical Mass - Atlanta. Image from Dustin C

We're in high summer and the streets are steamy. In the south, the streets are even hotter and more humid where it's probably really hard to ride a bike during this time of the year. The hot summers may be partially to blame for the low numbers of bicyclists, but it has a lot more to do with expansive cities that were primarily designed for the car. But things are changing little by little and the south is becoming more friendly to bicycles.

We're doing our part to support this paradigm shift today by launching Ride the City - Atlanta. With Ride the City, bicyclists in Atlanta now have one more tool to find a safe way to bike from one part of town to another using the web or mobile applications (available on iPhone or Android).

Ride the City - France

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Tomorrow is the start of the 2011 Tour de France. How exciting! From now until July 24th, the world's best cyclists will complete in 21 stages covering a total of 2,132 miles. Riders in this, the 98th Tour de France won't need bicycling directions, of course, because they get a huge caravan of vehicles shepherding them around the countryside. For the non-elite Frenchman, however, getting around on a bicycle can sometimes be a bit of a challenge...until now.

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Ride the City - Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, and Nice. Now bicyclists in France's largest cities have one more tool to navigate the streets safely.

iPhone app update: Ride the City 1.4

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Version 1.4 of the Ride the City iPhone app is in the Apple Store!

This new update includes the following:

  1. High resolution display
  2. A new map legend with a couple new icons (Thanks to Kelly and Glyphish!)

Some screen shots:

High resolution display: Finally! Now you can read the display crisp and clear

Ride the City - Ottawa

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image from Average Joe Cyclist

Today we're happy to announce that Ottawa is receiving one more tool to help make bicycling a bit easier in Canada's fourth largest city. Please welcome Ride the City - Ottawa (available in English and French). Ride the City is a bicycle routing web and mobile service (iPhone & Android) that helps bicyclists to navigate city streets; it's based on Open Street Map, the volunteer effort to map the world so anyone can contribute to Open Street Map to make it better for all bicyclists.

Show your support with Ride the City badges

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If you like Ride the City, we've just made it easier for you to support our independent, community-based bike routing project. Just copy/paste any of these Ride the City badges onto your blog, website, or wherever you like to let your readers know that you support safe and healthy bicycle transportation.

Your support of Ride the City also helps to advance Open Street Map, the volunteer, wikipedia-like, effort to map the world.

We'd like to thank our friends Kelly and James for making these thoughtful badges. Here are the different sizes:

iPhone app update: Ride the City 1.3

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Version 1.3 of the Ride the City iPhone app is in the Apple Store!

This new update includes the following:

  1. Choosing a starting or end address by selecting from your list of contacts
  2. Updated icons (Thanks, Kelly!)
  3. Layers: toggle the bike shops on/off
  4. New splash page

Some screen shots:

Splash Page: Ride your bicycle under the open sky!

Map & Layers: If you don't want to see bike shops, toggle them on/off with the layers button in the bottom right corner. In the future, we'll add more options to the layers button.

Ride the City - Montreal

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It's beginning to feel like spring in the northern hemisphere so what better time to launch bicycling directions for our friends to the north, eh? Now, bicyclists in the largest city in Quebec have one more tool to find a safe way to ride around town. Give a shout out to Ride the City - Montreal (In French) Bravo!

Special thanks to Sophie Roussel for the back and forth to help us translate Ride the City to French.

New Amsterdam Bike Show

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Bike Month is just around the corner and this year NYC gets it's first ever bike show! Apparently there was a bike show back in 1897 so I guess it's about time for another. They plan to have bike giveaways, roller races, some bike safety education, helmet giveaways, a place to test ride bicycles, and plenty of food and good coffee. Check out the list of exhibitors.

Date: Saturday, April 30,  2011
Time: 10 AM to 7 PM
Place: Center 548 -  548 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011
Tickets: $15 in advance ($20 at the door)

Ride the City - Spain


This is an exciting week for bicycling as the premier international cycling conference Velo-City gets underway in Sevilla, Spain. Created by the European Cyclist's Federation (ECF) in 1980, the Velo-City conference brings together city planners, nonprofits, policy makers, and experts from around the world to discuss best practices, new initiatives, and ways to promote cycling as a form of transportation and recreation.

Open Street Map - Intro

Most of you have probably generated bike routes on Ride the City. But how many have contributed to the Ride the City basemap? The background image at Ride the City is provided by Cloudmade, a company that's all about services and applications that are based on Open Street Map (OSM), the volunteer effort to map the world. Open Street Map provides the data, Cloudmade makes services that help to get that data to the end user. With Cloudmade's Style Editor, developers can customize their own map style or copy other maps. Here are some of the map styles from the Style Editor:

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