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Ride the City - France

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Tomorrow is the start of the 2011 Tour de France. How exciting! From now until July 24th, the world's best cyclists will complete in 21 stages covering a total of 2,132 miles. Riders in this, the 98th Tour de France won't need bicycling directions, of course, because they get a huge caravan of vehicles shepherding them around the countryside. For the non-elite Frenchman, however, getting around on a bicycle can sometimes be a bit of a challenge...until now.

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Ride the City - Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, and Nice. Now bicyclists in France's largest cities have one more tool to navigate the streets safely.

If you're new to Ride the City, here are some key features:

  1. Find any bike shop by clicking on the bike shop icons that include (where available) address, phone, hours of operation, and, website.
  2. Choose your route by selecting the level of safety: safer, safe, or direct. These options allow you to choose a route with more bike paths/bike lanes versus the most direct route. (Even with the direct route, however, we try to keep you off dangerous, busy arterial streets or highways.)
  3. Add you own points of interest (right click the map wherever you want to add one).
  4. Update bike shop info to add a bike shop to the map easily (see the 'Tools' drop down menu).
  5. We take your input seriously. If you find an error or want to show a bike route, feel free to let us know. Send us a note at info (at)

Ride the City is based on Open Street Map, the volunteer effort to map the world. Anyone can contribute to Open Street Map to make it better for all bicyclists.

Here's a short video to give you an overview of Ride the City and a brief tutorial on how to add bike lanes in Open Street Map: YouTube and (if you want more) a 4 minute primer on how to add off-street bike paths to Open Street Map: YouTube. Join the movement to map the world.

We'd like to thank the volunteers who helped us to test routes and collect bike shop information.

To all the riders in the Tour de France: Good Luck!

And ride safe.