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Bicycling Compost Service?

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Got an email recently from the NY Permaculture Meetup group that I thought I'd share for the NYC crowd. Greg is trying to set up a commercial composting business that hauls used coffee grinds away by bicycle. See below and please consider sharing his survey with your local coffee shop. Thanks!

Image source: Revolution Compost, Vermont

Revolution Compost


Are you aware that every month the City of New York pays private carters millions of dollars to ship compostable food wastes to landfills in the Midwest, while we import compost from Long Island and Canada for our gardens?

I’ve created a proposed business that would collect these food wastes principally from small coffee shops, juice bars and restaurants and convert them to compost. This business would employ local youths to pedal bike carts to collect the wastes, then convert them to compost in small in-vessel composting machines located in manufacturing zones scattered throughout our communities. This type of business model exists successfully in other cities such as North Hampton Mass. and Phila. Penn. but has yet to take hold here in NYC.

It seems that the City wants more evidence of demand for composting services before they will create a carting license that makes sense for community carters such as the one I propose.
If we could get say 50 coffee houses to complete this survey, we might be able to convince the City that the demand exists.

Below is a link to an on-line survey I created that collects information about the demand for collection of coffee grounds that exists at local coffee houses.

Please feel free to forward this email to your favorite coffee house and ask them to complete it the survey. When you do so, you might ask them what they’re doing now with their coffee grounds, day old baked goods, fruit pulp, food waste and other compostables. Suggest you might be more likely to patronize an establishment that composts their food wastes, rather than one that sends them to a landfill.

Also feel free to forward this email to your friends as well.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to learn more about what I propose.

Let’s see if we collectively can put an end to this foolish waste of resources and City tax revenues.


Greg Todd
Community Carting and Composting