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We’re all about promoting bicycling and supporting products that help people ride safely, carry gear efficiently, and look stylish in the process. If your company sells bike-related goods or services or is somehow related to bicycling, please feel free to contact us. Our advertising system is simple: we charge you for each month your ad appears on Ride the City's site, and guarantee that your ads will be shown to users at least 95 percent of the time for the period you’ve purchased. (We say that to allow for random events and errors, but your ad will appear on virtually every page load.) For nonprofits that promote bicycling, we provide free advertising.

Advertise on the main page

  • Size: 140 pixels wide x 64 pixels high
  • Fee: NYC - $50/mo; Toronto - $30/mo; Other cities: $20/mo. If you'd like to advertise in all cities, we charge $100/mo.

Advertise on the blog

  • Size: 165 pixels wide x 100 pixels high, or text ads up to 10 words.
  • Fee: $20 per month.

Ride the City Traffic

Ride the City averages about 80,000 pageviews per month by 42,000 unique visitors across all cities and the blog. Users averaged about 5 minutes on the site per visit and generated nearly 3,000 bike routes per day. For more information, please contact Advertising rates and sizes are current as of July 30, 2013.